The buddhist monastery by Iwolginsk
Iwolginskij Datzan (so the monastery is called by the natives) is situated 30 km to the South from Ulan-Ude. Since 1937 there were no Buddhist temples which functioned. 1945 the old lamas which just hade come back from the Stalin prison applied for opening a religious center in Buryatia.

Ivolginskiy Datzan is actually the biggest buddhist templ of Russia. The main templ Zotshgen-Dougan, several other temples, the dwelling houses of Lamas, ein guest house, a museum, an orangery, many Stupas and prayer drums named Hhurde lie on its territory.

About 20 Lamas permanently dwell there, they practice Tibet medicine and Tantrum science. There is a Buddhist university there with many faculties. People from all Russia can apply for it.