Tunka Valley / South of Baikal region
Tunka valley is situated between the mountain ranges of Sayan and Khamar-Daban to the West of the Baikal South extremity. Near mountains which make the climate there so mild and sunny, the majestic Irkut river flowing through the whole valley, beautiful Steppe and impenetrable Taiga on mountain slopes – these all attract visitors to Tunka valley. Especially popular there are hot mineral springs and thermal spa, in number over 90!

In Tunka valley we offer:
  • Ascending of a mountain (3115 m) of Sayan ranges from where you can admire the look at the situated in the neighboring Mongolia Hubsugul-Lake!
  • Kombined tours (by car + on foot)
  • Riding tours
  • Boat tours on Irkut